AMBROSIA ART welcomes you!!!


"Orchid" ©Misha Ambrosia
  • Acrylic on Canvas 48"L x72"H x 2 ½”W
  • Artwork completed: April 26, 2014  
  • I love having orchids on my watercolor desk in my studio. And every season when she blooms I get orchid-fevered-itch to paint her!!! 
  • This artwork was carefully created with delicate layers of paint. 
  • An orchid petal is so strong and sturdy as well as being very translucent.  In order for me to achieve this balance, I would paint this piece every day or two, just to build the layers, and avoided the opaque look.  
  • The canvas is a pretty big-one built by my friend Angie Alexieff, who is an astounding artist herself. The canvas measurements are 4 foot by 6 foot with a 2 ½” width.  It’s a wonderful large-scale beauty!
  • Shipping will be $600.00. If you would like to pick this canvas up at my studio...we can talk...I am very flexible!
  • Please check out the other orchid painting on this website named "Studio Orchid!" While this orchid is painting is translucent, her sister is painted opaque-very similar to a Georgia O'Keefe style!