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“Cactus and Stars”

“Cactus and Stars”

“Cactus and Stars”  ©Misha Ambrosia

Watercolor on 170pd textured paper
Artwork size: 2 ¼ x3 ¼”
Matted size: 8 x 10”
Date of completion: October 7, 2013

Artist original signed watercolor Southwestern artwork “Cactus and Stars” by Misha Ambrosia

Display: matted artwork with backing board sealed within a clear polypropylene acid-free archival bag.

• I love painting with bold colors, and southwest art or really the southwest itself is a color spectrum of life and spirit…how fun it is to create from a palette of color.
• My new kick in life is studying Native American icons whether it is jewelry, art or the traditional tribal dances filled with costumes and stories. Zuni Indian jewelry is so breathtaking with all its’ lapidary work so intricately detailed by hand…very inspirational for me.
• When I need to shut down, and just paint…I listen to a good audio book, look at my library of southwestern themes and images for reference materials in dive into this world of creativity…these art works are the results…

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