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“Eagle Dancer”

“Eagle Dancer”

“Eagle Dancer”  ©Misha Ambrosia

Mixed media on hand treated coffee and salted illustration board

Artwork size: 3” L x 4½” H

Matted size:  5” L x 7”H

Date of completion:  July 21, 2014

  • I love painting with bold colors, and southwest art or really the southwest itself is a color spectrum of life and spirit…how fun it is to create from a palette of color. 
  • My new kick in life is studying Native American icons whether it is jewelry, art or the traditional tribal dance filled with costumes and stories.  I am especially fond of Zuni Indian jewelry.  It is so breathtaking with all its’ lapidary work so intricately detailed by hand…very inspirational for me. 
  • When I need to shut down, and just paint…I listen to a good audio book while examining my books of southwestern images for reference, and dive into this world of creativity…these art works are the results…

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